On November 10 2022, Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego in Poland approved Cloud Technologies Prospectus. The document is available only in Polish.

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Areas of activities

Data monetization
5,2 mln PLN EBITDA Q2 2022
+36,7% vs. Q2 2021
Monetization of digital information by selling data about internet users using proprietary DMP technology. Data is sold on the global market and is provided to systems, such as Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) and Customer Relationship Management tools (CRMs).
-0,8 mln PLN EBITDA Q2 2022
Area that includes, among others, precisely targeted online campaigns, brokering, R&D activity and gathering data about Internet users.

Capital Group


Cloud Technologies was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the DataTech area. It developed a proprietary Data Management Platform. owns one of the world’s largest data warehouses that process data about internet users.

Cloud Technologies is listed on GPW (Warsaw Stock Exchange) Main Market.

#datatech LTD

is one of the biggest data providers in the world with a database that includes more than 50 billion user profiles. The company developed a proprietary Data Management Platform technology, which is used to store, analyze and monetize data.

OnProspects Ltd

provides technologies used in online advertising and digital business. It intends to offer access to a unique data-oriented platform DSP (Demand-Side Platform), that enables purchase of ads in real time through an automated bidding system (Real Time Bidding).

Audience Network Sp. z o.o.

was established in 2014 and is a leader in data consulting area. The agency optimizes business processes by using Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms. The company conducts performance marketing campaigns with the use of data to the target.

Online Advertising Network Sp. z o.o.

has been operating on the online advertising market since 2011 and after the merger with the Cloud Technologies Group, it uses Big Data analysis to precisely target the right audience and improve programmatic campaigns.

The Linea1 MKT S.L.

The Linea1 MKT S.L. is a Spanish Internet marketing technology company. It operates in Spanish-speaking markets, provides digital information for online advertising and cooperates with global data buyers.

#IDmanagement LTD

is one of the biggest data providers in the world with a database that includes more than 50 billion user profiles. The company developed a proprietary Data Management Platform technology, which is used to store, analyze and monetize data.

The Cloud Technologies Group structure includes companies in which Cloud Technologies S.A. holds more than 50% of the shares.


Piotr Prajsnar
CEO of Cloud Technologies S.A.
Piotr Soleniec
Member of the Board and Group CFO
Cloud Technologies

Supervisory board

Szymon Okoń
Chairman of the Supervisory board


Partner in Spaczyński, Szczepaniak i Wspólnicy Sp.k. law firm and Assistant Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics. Attorney at Law with extensive experience in capital market projects, in particular in the area of IPO, SPO, and bond issues. He has participated in numerous M&A transactions in both the public and private markets. He also took part in the implementation of several bank fundraising projects. Lawyer recommended by international rankings including Chambers Global, Legal 500 and IFLR 1000.

Kamil Bargiel
Member of the Supervisory board
Member of the Audit Committee


He has ten years of experience in IT project management. His main area of expertise is in innovative technology start-ups. He has participated in projects as a consultant for international companies such as Nokia, Unilever and EY. Since 2011, as the CEO, he has been successfully running SentiOne Sp. z o.o.

Marcin Brendota
Member of the Supervisory board
Chairman of the Audit Committee


Licensed Investment Advisor with over 20 years of experience in capital market projects. Analysis Expert in Alior Bank Brokerage Office responsible for macroeconomic reports, valuations and recommendations of companies listed on WSE (Warsaw Stock Exchange), co-creation of model portfolios in financial advisory services, member of Investment Committee of Brokerage Office.

Bartosz Gonczarek
Member of the Supervisory board


Co-founder of Explain Everything - an educational platform used by millions of teachers in educational institutions all over the world. The product he co-created was distinguished in Apple’s “App of the Year” awards honoring the best PC and tablet software. He is a Polish Business Roundtable award finalist and EY Entrepreneur of the Year contest finalist. Before creating Explain Everything, he was a consultant to the boards of top business entities in Poland (PGNiG, KGHM, Mercedes Benz, Tauron, Enion, Rawlplug) regarding the creation and implementation of business strategies and IT systems. He was a leader of sales and consulting teams implementing ERP integrated management systems. He is a mentor to startups centered around MIT Enterprise Forum Europe and an MBA lecturer at the Higher School of Commerce. He is also a co-inventor of the USA-patented technology used in interactive whiteboards.

Łukasz Krasnopolski
Member of the Supervisory board
Member of the Audit Committee


Entrepreneur and creator of new businesses. Co-founder and CEO of HigoSense, a telemedicine system that enables remote diagnosis. For 15 years, he has been gaining experience by establishing and running companies from various industries. He is the founder and leader of ToReforge - a company builder.



Cloud Technologies podsumowuje lipiec w ujęciu rok do roku

Cloud Technologies zanotowała dwukrotny wzrost sprzedaży danych do kluczowych klientów w swoim strategicznym segmencie Data enrichment w lipcu 2021 r.

Podsumowanie Q1 2021 - zapis czatu inwestorskiego Cloud Technologies

Zapis czatu inwestorskiego z dn. 23 sierpnia 2021 z Piotrem Prajsnarem, prezesem zarządu Cloud Technologies oraz z Piotrem Soleńcem, dyrektorem finansowym Cloud Technologies.

Cloud Technologies S.A. share price (PLN)


Exchange rate: 47.00 PLN

Capitalization: 235,000,000 PLN

Wybierz przedział czasu


Total shares:
Face value of a share:
0,10 PLN
Stock exchange:
Market Maker:
Authorised Adviser:
18 of May 2012
ISIN code:
Oktawian Oźminkowski 5.18% PERPETUM 10 FIZAN 28.29% 1.437.000 1.685.594 1.414.666 258.837 213.856 Piotr Prajsnar 28.74% Own shares Cloud Technologies S.A. 4.28% Other shareholders holding up to 5% of shares 33.51%
Financial data (PLN, million) 2019 2020 2021 Q2 2022 Q3 2022
Net revenues from sales 42.7 50.1 55.1 11.8 12.3
Data monetization 7.2 13.4 25.2 8.3 9.8
Other 35.5 36.7 29.9 3.4 2.5
EBITDA segments -0.4 4.4 12.9 4.5 5.0
Data monetization 3.1 7.6 17.2 5.2 6.2
Other -3.5 -3.1 -4.3 -0.8 -1.1
EBITDA -1.1 6.0 17.8 5.0 5.5
Net profit / loss -4.7 0.6 9.1 3.7 5.1
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