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Data enrichment


Business activity including monetization of digital information by selling anonymous data about Internet users and proprietary DMP technology. Data is sold on the global market and is provided to systems, such as Data Management Platform (DMP), Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The segment includes sales under Data exchange (direct sales of Internet user behavior data, mainly to distributors in Europe an on the US market) and revenues from DMP - that is analysis, enrichment and inference on the basis of data about clients, which is delivered by external institutions.

Data exchange services that are offered under the OnAudience.com brand are one of the most dynamically growing in all the Group and constitute a strategic and prospective area of further development of Cloud Technologies Group.

In the scope of the service, the Group offers its contractors rightly segmented (e.g., by interests or purchase intentions) profiles of Internet users, which were subjected to anonymization process and grouped into segments that contains at least several thousands records (so the data cannot be treated as personal data and it is not possible to identify a single person by using provided data).

The main group of consumers in this segment are data and technology distributors.

  • Data and technology distributors - clients who buy only anonymous data about Internet users behavior (without buying a service of conducting the marketing campaign) or access to proprietary DMP technology. Data distributors are mainly technological platforms that provide data to final clients (mainly from the digital marketing industry and entities that uses data for conducting precisely targeted online campaigns). Contractors usually settle with the Group in a revenue sharing model. It means that they share with the Group a part of income that comes from sales of the Group’s data to final clients. They usually do not pay in advance for access to Cloud Technologies’ data. Historically, sales to this group have been presented in Data services segment, currently - because of growing scale of business activity and strategic character of this category - those revenues were designated to the new segment named Data monetization.
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