Big Data for universities
Use data collected by Cloud Technologies in academic projects

We process data from 200+ markets from all around the world


We collect data and use AI algorithms to distinguish significant information about Internet users.

Our devices collect single records concerning users and create profiles on their basis.

Our unique database is successfully used by:

  • students; individually or as a part of their student research groups,
  • universities teaching subjects relating to Big Data,
  • scientific community in their research projects.
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Analysis of large data collections is part of the Cloud Technologies DNA. Our unique asset is one of the world’s greatest base of anonymous, behavioural data of Internet users. High quality data allows us to create innovative technological products and services for business existing in a new, digital economy. Economy that requires partnership and cooperation between academic and business environment in order to expand.

I am glad that our data and experience in running Big Data projects are employed by universities, both in Poland and abroad. I am convinced that common efforts based on connecting business practice and scientific research are an important factor for the development of innovative projects, and that they contribute to levelling competences of students who are about to hit job market. I look forward to cooperate with you.

Piotr Prajsnar


Cloud Technologies

Our data is employed by polish
and foreign universities

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OnAudience, part of Cloud Technologies group, helps us to better understand the world of big data

Sy Banerjee

Affiliate Professor of Marketing

The University of Michigan, Institute of Data Science

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Cloud Technologies JSC is the Polish company born on the wave of the digital revolution. Due to its innovative proposal based on Big Data profiling it became an attractive partner for the companies in the area of online advertising and those searching for effective solutions in Business Intelligence (BI).

Cloud Technologies is a renown leader of the European market and the example of market success based on knowledge, technology and engagement of cadres. Cloud Technologies recently has been included into prestigious group of Hidden Champions in the scientific research ordered by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and coordinated by the IEDC-Bled School of Management.

Grażyna Leśniak-Łebkowska

University Professor, Institute of Management

Department of Strategic Management, Warsaw School of Economics

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