GDPR compliance of products and services of Cloud Technologies


Since 25 May, 2018, companies must obey the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - a set of rules for collecting and processing data of people residing in the European Union or due to the activity carried out within EU territory.

Cloud Technologies, which owns one of the world’s largest data warehouses that process billions of Internet users’ profiles from all over the world, pays close attention to data privacy regulations. That is why the information we process on our DMP platform are subjected to anonymization process - we use an alphanumeric identifier for every device about which we store data. So that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous and their privacy is protected.

Therefore, thanks to anonymization of all processed data, Cloud Technologies complies with the GDPR and fulfill current data privacy regulations.

Collection and anonymization of data
by Cloud Technologies

We collect raw data
Cloud Technologies collects raw data, such as Cookies or Advertising IDs. We pay close attention to types of data gathered from our partners (publishers, media buyers, media sellers, research companies, advertising networks etc.). It is highly important for the company to cooperate only with publishers and companies that obey data privacy regulations.
The data is subjected to anonymization process
The data is stored and processed on Data Management Platform, where it is subjected to anonymization process. To protect users privacy we use a random alphanumeric identifier for every device so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous.
We store and provide anonymized data
Data privacy is a matter of strategic meaning for our company. Thanks to anonymization process internet users whom the data describe remaining anonymous. Partners who use the data we offer may be certain that digital information, which we provide is GDPR compliant.

What is a goal of using data in our warehouse?


Data gathered and processed by Cloud Technologies on platform enable marketers to personalize online campaigns and developing Business Intelligence solutions.

Reaching the accurate target group in online marketing is crucial for the effectiveness of the specific campaign. None of PII information is needed for highly effective marketing activities, so providing anonymous data about internet users is what advertisers truly need.

Data plays an important role in digital marketing and its importance will be growing in the following years. That is why gathering high quality data and using it in compliance with adequate law regulations is crucial for development of all digital industry.

Cloud Technologies uses advanced Big Data analytics to deliver high quality products for digital industry. The company comply with privacy regulations that protect users’ data.

What actions, related to GDPR we took?


Data privacy is a matter of strategic importance for our company. The activity of Cloud Technologies is strongly connected to processing data and data protection was always a priority for us. That is why we’ve implemented restrictive internal processes aimed to protect stored data.

Cloud Technologies took a number of steps to be perfectly prepared for GDPR regulations.

Deeply analysis of interior processes affected by GDPR
Deployment of required changes into our internal processes and procedures
Legal analysis of DMP carried out by EY Law Office
Legal analysis of current business model and benefits that services give to our business partners.
Operational analysis
Deployment of internal procedures for privacy data security purposes.

The activity compliant with GDPR

EY Law Office carried out legal analysis of products and services, available on, in terms of GDPR requirements.

Data security and privacy

  • we anonymize processed data
  • we are a partner of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework
  • we collect and process device data - we do not link any data to personal data which identifies a natural person
  • we comply IAB standards
  • we support Opt-Out mechanism
  • we respect Do-Not-Track headers send by web browsers
  • legal analysis confirmed our compliance with GDPR
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