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We invest in startups and companies with great data-related ideas. We provide data, tech and cash to help you boost global growth.

Who we are?


Cloud Technologies is one of the world’s leading audience data providers. Our data is used mainly for targeting online ads, fueling campaigns of the world’s top brands, and for training AI-based software and tools.

With our proprietary technology, we developed a data cloud that includes data signals from about 5 billion users from over 200 markets globally. We are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Main Market.

profiles in our database
devices globally from which we collect data
years of dynamic growth

What companies
are we looking for?


Data Accelerator is a program dedicated to early-stage startups, tech funds or project teams. You can apply constantly until the end of 2025, when our current business strategy ends. Our program includes data, technology and financial investments that will help you to develop new ideas based on data analysis.

Our high-quality data can be used to speed up the development of your products, services and business. You can focus on expanding your business, while we care about your key resources.


Startups on early-stage of development, tech funds, project teams

Data analytics is a part of your business activity or you have a great idea how to use data in business

Located on any market in the world

How can you benefit from joining the program?


Our experts are ready to help you in expanding your business. We offer data, technology, individually set financial investments, and also market experience with strong tech knowledge gained during over 10 years operating on the global data market.

High-quality data from billions of devices globally

Check the data sample - if it fits your needs, we’ll give you access to data collected from over 200 markets globally.

Investment ticket up to $0,5 million 

We adjust the ticket size and number of investment tranches to your business needs. Financial investment is always set individually.

Efficient technology

With our technology you can efficiently gather, process, analyze and segment your data to accelerate your business’ growth.

Expert knowledge

Our data science team that developed one of the world’s largest data warehouses will help you with processing data and growing your business.

Check how to apply. Show us your idea for using data for growth!

Join our program and show us how you can use the potential that lies in our data to speed up the company's growth!
Get the data sample
Download a data sample from our website first to know what kind of digital signals we process. If you verify that data is accurate for you, after signing the NDA, we’ll give you access to our database.
Show us your unique way of using data
Look deeper into our data. Make analysis, experiment and show us your idea for using the potential of provided data in business.
Contact us
Let’s connect to talk about results of your analysis made with our data or your ideas on how you can use the data in your business. If your idea will be accepted by our experts, we’ll sign the investment agreement to help you grow.

Get the data sample

Download a sample of out data to check what information we process and check how you can use it to improve your daily business activity.

Meet our team


Piotr Prajsnar

CEO, Cloud Technologies

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Piotr Prajsnar is a founder and CEO of Cloud Technologies. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and is a forerunner of Big Data scientist profession in Poland. Prajsnar brings an innovative approach to the issues of Big Data marketing. He focuses on finding business applications for data analytics and machine learning.

Maciej Sawa

CEO, OnAudience

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Maciej Sawa is a CEO in OnAudience (a part of Cloud Technologies group). It is a global data provider that gathers data from over 200 markets. Maciej is a sales manager with years of experience gained in the US, British, German, Italian and Polish markets. He specializes in Big Data and AI usage in the digital marketing and he is an expert in programmatic advertising.

Łukasz Kapuśniak

CTO, Cloud Technologies

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Łukasz is a CTO of Cloud Technologies Group. He created mechanisms that allow data gathering, segmentation and effective use of large data sets in online marketing and sales. As an expert in Big Data analytics, he develops data solutions, including the OnAudience data platform, which is one of the world’s largest and processes over 4.5 billion activities daily.

Dawid Marciniak

Investment Manager, Cloud Technologies

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Dawid in Cloud Technologies is in charge of investments in the Big Data and AI area. Dawid is an experienced manager who worked e.g. for software development companies, and led M&A transactions on various markets globally, including acquisitions of innovative companies from consulting and e-commerce markets.

Let’s connect and boost your business with trusted data!
Grow your business with valuable data. Download the data sample first, check how you can use it in your business and contact us to talk about your idea on using provided data.