We analyze and monetize
data from 200
markets worldwide

We process 4.5 billion online activities daily


We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Central and Eastern Europe. We deployed a proprietary technology called a Data Management Platform, used for collecting and processing data about Internet users from all over the world. Our database includes over 50 B profiles. The data is used mainly for precise targeting of online campaigns and for business analytics purposes.

Our company is listed on NewConnect stock exchange.

We deliver high-quality data for the digital economy


We are one of the biggest companies in the global data market. Our mission is delivering high-quality data about internet users and creating innovative products and services that are based on data.

Our business model is unique and scalable


We store data and—by using artificial intelligence algorithms—extract crucial information about internet users. Machines gather individual records related to the users and create profiles that are monetized in business and marketing areas.

We gather data from websites from all over the world and from hundreds of thousands of mobile apps

We gather raw data about user activity on our proprietary platform called a DMP (Data Management Platform). We use cookie files and mobile IDs to create user profiles. To protect the privacy of users, we comply with data privacy laws.

We analyze raw data and convert it into user profiles

Our machine learning algorithms analyze data and convert it into internet user profiles. Based on interests, purchase intent or other chosen criteria, data is grouped into categories and segments. The number of profiles represents not real users, but devices used for surfing the web.

We monetize data in business and online marketing

We monetize processed data. The buyers belong mostly to the online marketing industry, where data is used for conducting precisely targeted campaigns. Digital information is also used by companies that have business intelligence solutions for market research and for profiling their clients.

What are the sources of the processed data?

We process data with our proprietary technology, a Data Management Platform, that exists under the OnAudience.com brand. The DMP enables companies to store data from various sources and analyze it by using artificial intelligence algorithms.

We receive data about internet users from three different sources: ad campaigns, media brokers and data providers. All digital information is delivered to our DMP, where it is analyzed and integrated. This way, we create profiles that are used for ad targeting.

Digital marketing is the main industry that buys data provided by our company. Digital information is also bought by companies that use Business Intelligence solutions and need data for accurate analysis or discovering insights about a specific target group.
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What data-based solutions do we offer?

Proprietary technology for data integration and management

Under the OnAudience.com brand, we developed a proprietary technology called a Data Management Platform, which helps integrate and manage data about internet users. The platform allows companies and agencies to store data from many sources, create a 360-degree customer view, analyze their behavior and create user segments that can be reached with a personalized message.

A data warehouse with a global reach

We own one of the biggest data warehouses in the world that collects information about internet users process over 50 B profiles. Cloud Technologies offers gathered data in raw format—information, ready to be processed by the company’s data scientists team - and in the format of ready-made segments - groups of clients with a specific attribute, e.g. interested in cars. Segments are mostly used for precise targeting of online campaigns.

Marketing services based on data

We use technology and our database of internet user profiles to run precisely targeted online campaigns. On the basis of audience data, we analyze clients' profiles and create and maintain online personalized campaigns to increase the efficiency of marketing actions. We also deliver high-quality segments tailored to clients' briefs to make it easy to reach the right online users.


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Polish and foreign media write about solutions, created by Cloud Technologies Group. Our experts actively comment on the most important industry events and market trends.

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